Young Army Officer lost

2nd Lt Abdul Moeed a 21-year-old Lad who was a resident of Burewala, Vehari recently passed out of PMA. He was on a convoy of vehicles who were ambushed by the snakes who are being bread by ISI. If reports were to be believed, then they were fired from all the surrounding mountains. They say bullets came like drops of water in rain. The young officer did not even get the time to react. The volume of fire was so intense that in the valuable life was lost in the first few bullets. It seems the terrorists were able to identify their targets well. Inspite, of such a heavy volume of fire only two lives were lost. It seems ISI had supplied and trained these terrorists well. Let us all show solidarity with the grieving parents here.

Condolences for What

My heartfelt condolences to the family of the officer and sepoy. May Allah take care of their souls. Sepoy Basharat was also 21 years old hailed from Danyor Village in Gilgit. He started serving in the military in 2014. Reporting about the incident Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor states “Freedom is not free, it costs sons of the soil. Freedom that we enjoy today is owed to so many such brave hearts. Salute to our Martyrs” COAS.

I fail to understand the logic behind such twitter post. One side COAS is responsible for such an attack. He could have constituted an inquiry about the incident as ISI is clearly involved in the incident.

Operation All Out

On one side Indian Army has launched Operation All Out in South Kashmir. It is reported that almost all of the top Mujahedeen or religious fighters or terrorists (I call) have been eliminated. Good for them they will not lose young lives anymore. It seems ISI launching test bed attacks in Western Pakistan and then once the Mujahideen are ready they push them into India. Indian Army gunned down 111 Mujahideen in North Kashmir and 210 Mujahideen in South Kashmir. These terrorists belonged to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) or Hizbul Mujahideen (HM)or Jaish e Muhammad (JM).

Important terrorists eliminated included Junaid Mattoo, Abu Dujana, Fukran, and Khalid. This is a good news for then as they will not have to post a blog about “young army officer lost” again and again. The Indian Army also reportedly avenged the killing of their officers who was on leave or on duty. They have also avenged those who sprayed bullets on Amarnath Yatra pilgrims. Even though ISI is breading these jihadi groups in the name of Kashmir the fruits of it are not seen. We have in turn lost our international standing as these snakes bite everyone including our own sons of the land.

Indian Army

How is that such poorly equipped Indian Army is having so much success. They have poorest intelligence support from Intelligence agencies like RAW. Still, they get success, why is our intelligence agency ISI unable to break into our own snakes whom they themselves have nurtured. It seems to me that this is all nothing but a testbed for ISI for whom young soldiers, officers or soldiers are testbed pawns. They just stay in Islamabad in their air-conditioned offices and plan how to train next set of terrorists.

Remarks by PM and his Shameless Acts

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also strongly condemned the attack and extended condolences to the families. Is he not responsible for their deaths? He said “They have sacrificed their most valuable asset for our homeland. No wealth can match up to their sacrifices. As a nation, we will never forget the greatest contributions of our valiant armed forces in the war against the enemies of our country”, he said.

Just imagine the negativity in the message our own PM in this grieving moment wants to talk about assets, wealth and forgetting the contributions etc. It is shameful to call him the leader of Pakistan. He also said, “We have won the war” I do not remember which war is he referring to. He immediately added’ “God willing, we will break their back”.

It is a point to be noted that he still is saying the same old story. No realisation that youngsters are losing their lives whereas the seniors are playing golf and partying in five-star style.

We all as citizens of Pakistan pay taxes to Government of Pakistan which in turn fuels ISPR and ISI. These are the institutions which are totally adulterated by acts of haram and may Allah punish them in this lifetime so that others are given a lesson. Officials in these preach hatred on the lines of religion. Within Islam, they preach hatred towards various sects. Finally, inside each sect, they want us to fight on the lines of being a Punjabi or Sindhi or Muhajir. The sooner we realise and stand united to save our children and families the better it would be. Hope the Pakistan Army realises this and closes these filthy institutions thus shutting the shop of insiders destroying Pakistan.