Forty dead, seventy abducted including thirty women in offensive in Mashkay

It is reported that scores of people have been killed, and many others have been taken away by Pakistani state forces during a major military offensive in Mashkay and adjoining areas. The military operation was at first initiated in Raaghe area of Mashkay. As many as 70 people including more than 30 women and children are also reported to be missing after the military operation. Few sources put the number of dead at 40, however, the true number of dead or missing has not been ascertained yet. The offensive has now been extended to other areas of Mashkay and Washuk including Gajjali, Peezk, Zawark and Naali.

Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar ‘s sister Noor Khatton taken away

According to reports received by The Balochistan Post (TBP), at least 8 bodies have been brought to a local hospital so far. A local journalist has confirmed to TBP that a whole Brigade, comprising at least five thousand soldiers and officers, is taking part in the current military operation. The military helicopters have bombed many houses including those of Qadir Baksh, Allah Baksh, Ghani, Hazoor Baksh and Abdul Kareem who belong to the Gohramzai tribe. During the offensive in Mashkay and Raghay, younger sister of famous Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar, Noor Khatton, was also taken away by Pakistani forces. Dr. Nazar’s cousin Khair Baksh was killed, whereas, another cousin Sahib Dad has been ‘abducted’ during the military operation.

Shocking statement by Sarfaraz Bugti

It is pertinent to note that military has intensified its offensive in Mashkay and other parts of Baluchistan after Pakistani Home Office Minister, Sarfaraz Bugti, on 19 November , said that ‘full scale genocide’ against Baloch resistance groups is the only solution to establish ‘long-lasting’ peace in the region while he was speaking to tribal elders in Pakistan House, Dera Bugti.  On 17 November, a Pakistan Senator Mr Farhatullah Babar spoke about the presence of ‘Gitmo and Bagram like’ torture cells throughout Pakistan.“What is the number of these cells, how many people are languishing there, how many detainees are facing court cases, how many have died during interrogation even Parliament and Supreme Court are not aware of this data,” he had said during a Senate session. Such callous remarks from senior Pakistani politicians only highlight the seriousness of the atrocities committed on civilians in Baluchistan.

Controlled media

Gross human rights abuses, war crimes, enforced disappearances, torture, recovery of mutilated dead bodies and targeting of civilians including women and children have become a routine practice by Pakistani security forces in Baluchistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has led to Baloch been forcefully cleared, enforced disappeared and effectively excluded from the project at all levels however, none of the Pakistani national media brings up front the human rights’ violation in the province as it is controlled by various agencies. It’s crystal-clear that foreign journalists are not welcome in Balochistan, but what about the local ones?