From late 1980’s India has been fighting a proxy war and lost many valuable souls. A proxy war that was designed by General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who wanted to,

“Bleed India with thousand cuts.”

Jihadi Factories

He largely succeeded by establishing various Jihadi factories in Pakistan. He learnt the tricks from the US who were using the same in Afghanistan to overthrow the Russian backed government. This was a retaliatory policy of Pakistan Government

It is history that the US meddled in various countries to establish its puppet regimes. These regimes when based on non-religious tenets had been working well for a long time till the Afghanistan issue cropped in front of Regan Administration. The people in advisors in White House and CIA wanted to use religious fanatics to overthrow the Afghan government of the day.

They succeeded finally Najibullah or Dr. Najib, was the President of Afghanistan was overthrown by the Mujahideen, after Russian government ended their aid. He lived in UN headquarters in Kabul until 1996. Taliban took over the country in 1996 and backed by ISI designs publicly executed him on 26 September 1996. Thus, started the cruel innings of the un-Islamic executions.

Training the Snakes

These Mujahideen were trained by the ISI to strike and create false fronts for the enemy to enable Pakistani army to bleed less. this has now backfired. However, as Taliban went out of control of the CIA, i.e. on the ground out of the hands of Pakistani ISI. We can see that the Pakistan Army is behind every act of the civilian government from recognizing the Chinese in the 1960s, to the opening of borders for Chinese traders. Once Pakistan imported everything from the US, today the situation has improved. Improvement is not in the reduction of import but the travel time as China has replaced the US i.e. no industrial base is in Pakistan.

The CPEC is presently being seen by the security analysts as the biggest target for these Mujahideens in the western provinces of Pakistan. In the name of religion, we have gone too far. The present-day Mujahideen in the west are targeting our young officers in Pakistan Army, who have been given birth by the senior generals. These generals nurtured them and trained them. Now these un-Islamic and no national fighters or murderers are roaming in difficult western terrain across the western provinces killing our young officers. They started in the name of religion and in Holy Quran it is said that "There shall be no compulsion in religion" (2:256); "Say to the disbelievers [that is, atheists, or polytheists, namely those who reject God] "To you, your beliefs, to me, mine" (109:1–6).

The Generals sit in Islamabad or many of the garrisons where they have a cushy life while young officers from newly commissioned Lieutenants to combat hardened Majors are becoming targets of the snakes who have been nurtured by the Generals themselves. As per the official data of ISPR 11 young officers have died in cross-border terrorist attacks from Afghanistan. The most recent being Major Ishaq who died in Dera Ismail Khan.  

Young Victims

If we compare the historically, in 2002 11 young officers were killed in eastern border due to cross-border shelling from India or accidents in difficult areas like the Siachen Glacier and other mountainous border posts. The young officers are the backbone of any Army. For Indian Army too, their young officers are the strength which is enabling them to conduct anti-terror operations. They enable senior commanders to execute hard to hit targets. Our first casualties date back to 2002 on the Western Front under Operation Al Mizan i.e. post 9/11 attacks and US invasion of Afghanistan. Pakistan Army keeps batting on being Islamic but when a neighboring Islamic country was being invaded it not only kept quiet but also aided the non-Islamic forces.  

“If this is not Blasphemy then what is.”

More so we are killing fellow Muslims in our own provinces since they wanted autonomy. We want India to talk to Kashmiris but we do not want to talk and resolve amicably with groups of western fronts such as Balochis. This is because the Pakistani Army wants a continuous flow of funds to finance its own war against India. When India does not fire on its borders over Pakistani posts until recently Pakistan Army used to shell them to provoke them to garner international funds from the US. In the bargain young officers were killed in the name of war. Today the same is happening on the western front. Pakistani Army wants to garner US funds to finance its war machinery which is getting rusted hence wants to throw our young boys to contain the militants and fighting the war of another non-Islamic country.

Why are we tolerating such Blasphemic acts of the Pakistani army, just we respect them they steal our young and brave boys who go to become officers and later return in coffins. The Mujahedeen do not differentiate between the woman standing in Victoria terminus waiting for her train after a hard days job or a boy returning from a birthday party. This is not what Quran preaches.

They are snakes meant to Kill sent to Kill by the ISI.

We should join together to stop this un-Islamic practice of supporting un-Islamic forces by Pakistani Army and save our boys from being sacrificed in a un-Islamic war.