Pakistan rulers and its Army have always been obsessed with India’s intentions and tried to rally the nation behind them on perceived threats from India. Not a day goes past without a statement from Pak Army that, it is prepared to thwart any designs of the enemy against Pakistan, indirectly hinting at India. Recently Pakistan’s NSA had blamed India for creating two sided situation for Pakistan. In fact the precarious situation of its own making, that Pakistan is in today, is a perfect recipe for inviting its destruction by India, if it desires so. The reasons are far too many to be ignored.

Civil-Military Divide on its Peak

Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat) stated in its monitor on Civil Military Relations claiming that “All is not well with civil-military relations”.

“I believe that civil military relations would go from bad to worse and may create crisis like situation in coming days,” President Pildat Ahmed Bilal Mehboob said in a media interview.

 The rot fully set in with Army’s engineered removal of Nawaz Sharif in collusion with the judiciary. The breach has now become so deep, that Army has virtually refused to come to aid of the civil authorities in-spite of the official requisition by a democratically elected government. In fact it has asked counter explanation from the government, as to why Army need to be deployed for dispersing the religious protesters. Further, Army’s involvement in every sphere of governance has left the government machinery with low morale and totally ineffective.

Economic Conditions

Pakistan’s economy is under serious stress as it did not have enough foreign currency reserves to cater for two month’s import bill. It had to borrow $500mln from China to sail through. At the same time, Pakistan’s ties with its long time iron friend China are on sticky wickets, as it has recently refused Chinese conditions on Diamer-Bhasha dam, a prestigious project of the CPEC. It does not know when to beg and when to refuse. Pakistani traders are up on arms against Chinese businessmen. The Commitment to CPEC has put Pakistan’s economy under serious threat of capitulation.

Army’s Internal Involvement

Army is heavily involved in operation Radd-ul-Fasaad and its casualties are mounting. It is fighting a losing war on terror. This is one of the reasons that shows its reluctance in dealing with present crisis of religious uprising, engulfing Pakistan.  Moreover, Pak Army’s two front deployment has made it quite weak against any external aggression.

Foreign Relation on Lowest Ebb

US decision to not to go ahead with the disbursal of Coalition Support Fund to Pakistan has put it in a difficult situation. Whereas, US is demanding Pakistan to do much more Pakistan says that “it is already dong more than enough and the same is being ignored by the US”. Saudi Arabia has more problems on its head than to bother about Pakistan. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbors are at the worst, who have accused it of spreading terror in their respective countries. Pakistan has worst situation on its eastern and western borders because of its own doings. In-spite of its iron friendship, China in not likely to come in support of Pakistan in event of any flare-up with its neighbors.

Will India Exploit Present Situation in Pakistan?

Globally Pakistan is completely isolated. Pakistan at this moment looks more vulnerable than ever before to Indian Designs, if at all they exists. Time is rife for encouraging any external force to fish in the troubled waters of Pakistan. Therefore, absence of any aggression from India at this juncture should be welcomed and a reason enough to dispel any perceived fear against Indian threats.