Richard Haass, president of the prestigious think tank Council on Foreign Relations, said Pakistan has "harbored terrorists for years and provides sanctuary to the Taliban" and others, including Hafiz Saeed. Still it's a "mystery" why Pakistan is still considered a 'major non-Nato' ally "when it's anything but" that.

These recurring tweets seem to have lost their significance, even if they are coming from a power house. With China's firm back Pakistan is not bothered about US strategic shift. The China-Pakistan relationship is now worth $110bn, and therefore Pakistan is choosing to walk away. It is known that the US-Pakistan relationship has been between executive branches, including militaries and not the Congress. So these tweets appear to be not ringing a bell anywhere in Rawalpindi. Washington is talking tough but it seems that this is all it is able to do for long now. Osama Bin Laden was found "sun basking" in the backyard of Pakistani Military Academy and it continues pumping billions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan. While it motivates Islamabad to crack down on the groups that launch attacks into Afghanistan and Indian-administered Kashmir, it rarely does more than that.

Undoubtedly, it has many tools at its disposal to turn up the pressure on the Pakistan; outreach to India, stripping off military aid and allied status or declaring them a state sponsor of terror. But why is it only tweeting and not acting upon? Pakistan by now is comfortably resting in Chinese lap and is giving a deaf ear to all these "fake" tweets. Pakistan Army is busy pushing political role for militants in mainstream; a new Pakistani political party Milli Muslim League controlled by the most wanted septuagenarian with a $10 million U.S. bounty is the "toast of the town". It has plunged risking politics with religion and terrorists and so far earned no backlash except a few silly tweets. Surely it wants these goons to survive, and why? Firstly, to continue fuelling militancy in Kashmir and secondly, it foresees eliminating politicians who are more and more inclined to normalize relations with India. So all the biggies sheepishly talking of tackling and fighting terrorism (overseas and next door) are only fuelling their strategic interests and not tackling terrorism. They would not even act upon unless it comes knocking their door again. Pakistan despite earning the status of "haven for terrorists" is comfortably enjoying this win-win situation. However by releasing Saeed, Pakistan Army has done the mistake of under-estimating actual fighters of terrorism. Saeed Hafiz seems to be enjoying the grand feast, unaware that he is the goat who is being prepared for Bakr-Eid. Soon Washington would know the difference between "lip service" and actual service in tackling terrorism till then let Saeed make merry. Better still incase Pakistan Army realizes that he is not worth his salt anymore (unable to create unrest in Kashmir) he would automatically be put to grave by Pakistani Army like Osama Bin Laden who died a dogs death at the hands of his own masters.