When last month, terrorism charges against Hafiz Saeed and the JuD were withdrawn, it was easy to predict the next move of Pakistan Army under the garb of its “pseudo government”. His release has come as no surprise, infact it is almost clear that it is payback time for Hafiz to Pak Army.

Stability in Kashmir is probably Pakistan Army's biggest frustration. The success of SF in Kashmir this year coupled with an interlocutor being placed almost baffled the Khaki generals. This new positivity in the Kashmir valley is much to their dislike.  While methodology to negate the same was being brainstormed in Rawalpindi, pat came the solution. What better than putting the most wanted septuagenarian (pun intended) to some use?

Other than swinging him into main stream Pakistani politics, the primary task allotted by Pakistan Army to him is to double up his nefarious activity in J&K else he goes again under house arrest under some other charges. Their strategy is simple facilitate criminals, make them commit major crimes and then milk them. This seems to work in Pakistan seamlessly where corruption and lawlessness is ingrained.

Much before his release, Saeed started speaking of Kashmir and its independence. So the agenda of his release is crystal clear. Revive the dying terrorism/militancy in Kashmir. But will he be successful this time? Or Pakistan Army's trump card (Saeed) will cost them as heavy as the Americano Trump?

His release would once again put Pakistan on the world map as a terror haven and may even invite a few sanctions, after all let’s not forget this septuagenarian is carrying a big bounty! But why should Pakistan Army worry about its countrymen's global image. The fact that traces of most of the global terrorists in recent times including Osama Bin laden are found in Pakistan or even more precise in the backyard of Pakistan Army's training academy in Abbottabad (in case of Osama) did not embarrass the 6th  largest army of the world. It is unlikely that Hafiz's release would make any difference. On the contrary this criminal is being touted as the Prime Minister "in the making" of Pakistan. In August, JuD launched a political party, the Milli Muslim League (MML), announcing that it would compete in upcoming elections. While the election commission has so far not ratified the party's registration, its candidate, standing as an independent, finished fourth in a recent Lahore by-election in the ruling PML-N party's political heartland, bagging 4.6 percent of the vote.

The finest of anti terror agencies in the world and the UN declare him as "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" & the “Most Wanted Criminal" however, ironically (but not surprisingly) the Pakistan judiciary says that there is nothing against Saeed, therefore he should be released. The helplessness of the judiciary at the hands of Pakistan Army cannot be clearer than this.

The situation in Kashmir is presently calm but volatile; with the release of Saeed from house arrest in Pakistan, possibility of disturbances cannot be over ruled.