The military spokesman of Pak Army has condemned the attack on The News’ reporter, Ahmad Noorani, assuring Army’s  full support in bringing the criminals to the task. The DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor tweeted,

 “Attack on Ahmed Noorani condemned. A malicious attempt to cause unrest. Full support for efforts to catch culprits & bring them to justice”.

According to Pak media, a representative of the ISPR visited Noorani, who is admitted in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for treatment after being attacked, and was presented a “Get Well Bouquet”, on behalf of the COAS Gen Bajwa. It is strange, as to why Pak Army is showing extraordinary interest in an isolated incident of attack on the scribe, especially when many gets killed in Pakistan, in terror related blasts and sectarian violence. Pak Army itself has been notorious in making many journalists disappear, who were critical of its involvement in affairs of Pakistan. The DGISPR tweet is raising a rightful debate in Pakistan, about its motive in getting involved in petty law & order issues of the country. Though no one is expected to condemn it openly but whispered  are clearly audible. 

The raison d'être of Pak Army getting involved in every bastion of civilian governance is not without a definite aim - whether it is Politics, Census, Police functioning or day to day routine affairs. Their interference in goverance of the country, has made many government agencies helpless and toothless, which is not healthy for a poor country like Pakistan, who is heavily betting on China’s dream project, CPEC to bail it out. Army’s projection to people of Pakistan, that, it is the panacea of ills is fraught with dangers of return of Martial Law in Pakistan.