25 Oct 17/Wednesday

“You cannot fool all the people all the time”, seems that Pakistan has been caught in a web woven by it. Pakistan had recently claimed that US-Canadian couple were rescued by its Army, when they crossed over to Pakistan from Afghanistan. In a sensational expose by Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn has clearly brought out the truth of the drama enacted by Pak government and its Army.

In a detailed interview with Canadian newspaper the ‘Toronto Star’, Caitlan Coleman, a US national and wife of Canadian citizen Joshua Boyle claimed: “We were not crossing into Pakistan that day [Oct 11]. We had been in Pakistan for more than a year at that point. The claims made by both Washington and Islamabad that she and her family were rescued soon after crossing the Afghan border are false.”

Talking to reporter Michelle Shephard at an Ottawa hospital on Monday, she said: “Right now everybody’s shunting blame and making claims. Pakistan says, no they were never in Pakistan, until the end. The US says, no they were always in Pakistan; it was Pakistan’s responsibility. But neither of those [claims] is true.”

Talking about the ordeal she says that initially they were kept in Spin Ghar, just over the border in Afghanistan and southeast of Kabul. They remained there for months. Later, she said, they were taken back into Pakistan aboard “a jungle truck”, the brightly painted trucks found often in the country. On Oct 11, she said, they were put in the trunk of the kidnappers’ car, after which some sort of car chase and a gun battle they were freed. Everything looked so unrealistic.

This sensational disclosure has left many wondering, whether Pakistan had intentionally kept them in their captivity to be used as instrument to bail it out of a difficult situation. Pakistan has used these cards earlier also and got away successfully, but now the law of averages has caught up with it.