The police in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Sheikhupura had started wearing the new dark olive green uniform last month and the remaining units of police in Punjab were directed to switch their uniforms by December 2017. Thereafter the IGP Arif Nawaz Khan directed the survey committee to submit recommendations for either making changes in the uniform, leave it as it is or revert to the old uniform.

Police officials are reported to have said the uniform is unbearable and that wearing it is a “miserable” experience. Most of the reviews collected were negative.“When they see us in the new uniform, people call us postmen and some even laugh at us,” an assistant sub-inspector said, adding that the old uniform had a status attached to it which the new one does not. The ASI said the police do not need a new uniform, they need facilities and better working conditions.“We have to spend our own money during investigations or put the burden on the family of victims or the accused when they are transported to jail. Only the police officials who are investigating murders are paid from the investigation funds but even that is insufficient,” he said, adding that investigation officers have to bribe officials of the prosecution branch to clear the investigation report or they reject it.He said the IGP should look into these issues rather than forcing the police to wear a uniform they do not like.


It is unimaginable that an officer of the rank of an IGP in Pakistan can be so weak in his command. It is now understood that if he could not tackle issues like "change in uniform" in a systematic manner, leading to such a funny discourse how can he handle the dangerous law and order situation  prevailing in Pakistan. This kind of ruckus exist in all sections of their governance because corruption is what they abide by.

This example also brings out how the public in Pakistan is forced to adopt a measure/policy without keeping their interest. The force commander forcing decisions, subordinates unwilling to obey, local populace mocking at own security forces, low morale,  wastage of tax payers money, corruption, the list is endless. This is how the so called professional army in Pakistan functions(pun intended). Lack of good leadership has led Pakistan to a deplorable state today making it a laughing stock  world over.