Different surveys of the Karachi mass transit system have concluded that as many as 70,000 passengers utilise the public transport in Karachi on a daily basis. However, due to a severe shortage of vehicles, the public is forced to travel on the roofs of these vehicles. The people of Karachi have been facing an acute shortage of public transport vehicles. Many have been forced to climb onto the roofs of dilapidated buses to get to work. It is a common sight to see people hanging off the sides of buses, heading to their destinations in great discomfort. The city has witnessed the closure of 269 public transport routes. Adding to the citizens’ misery, more than 10,000 vehicles have been scrapped, converted into loading trucks and contract carrier buses or moved out of the city.No new bus scheme has been introduced in the city. A survey conducted by Express News showed that the provincial government’s statistics were skewed. Many transporters have been issued route permits but their vehicles are non-functional.The Express News survey has revealed that the transport system is on the brink of ruin. Numerous transport vehicles have been burned down during strikes. According to sources, the federal government took notice of the lack of public transport in Karachi in 2009 and allocated Rs 2.5 billion for the introduction of 4,000 CNG buses. This project was supposed to be implemented on the basis of public-private partnership. But due to corruption and lack of interest from the federal and provincial governments, the project never materialised.


As per FBR’s Parliamentarians Tax Directory, details of income tax returns of notable Pakistani politicians is listed below. It is for the readers to decide whether the income taxes paid by the politicians are enough to justify their income compared to the assets they hold. What is laughable is that the total accumulated taxes paid by all these politicians is lesser than tax paid by, Indian comedian Kapil Sharma alone who paid 240 million and if you calculate taxes of other six Indian actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman, Shahrukh, Amir Khan, Hrithik and Amithabh Bachchan , than they paid 1600 millions. Strange, how Pakistani politicians find ways to not to pay the taxes, enjoy all perks and privilges and leave the common man in Pakistan deprived of basic amenities; high power outagges, derailed public transport system, half the population below poverty line.  To top it all Pakistan's policy makers have drowned Pakistan in huge debts and now its plans to recover from the comman man again. Pakistan government which is a puppet in the hands of its military has eclipsed the future of  Pakistani  youth and the Pakistan army is busy wasting tax money on weapons destroying Pakistani families in the name of jihad. Then who would save a failed state like Pakistan?

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif – Rs. 2,524,213

Jahangir Khan Tareen – Rs. 53,677,426

Pervaiz Rasheed – Rs. 137,271

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif – Rs. 9,531,060

Syed Murad Ali Shah – Rs. 743,471

Sirajul Haq – Rs. 34,941