Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Shahzad, had accused senior IB officials of having links with different terrorist organizations from neighboring and Central Asian countries, as well as protecting terrorists in a petition filed on 22nd Sept. ASI Shahzad claimed that he “reported against various terrorist groups having roots in India, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria but no action was ever taken by IB in this respect, despite concrete evidence provided to it in the form of the intelligence reports”. During the hearing, the judge observed that there seemed to be a tug of war between ISI and IB. Protection is provided to the petitioner and his family after he claimed that he was being severely threatened by IB. The court will resume hearing the case on 09 Oct.


 Such cases in Pakistan are common and meet a deadly fate at the hands of their own organization if questioned.  Earlier, during the conduct of a probe against Ex Pak PM, Nawaz Sharif, an interim report submitted to the apex court by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) had also hinted that military-led intelligence agencies were not on good terms with IB, which once again echoes the US announcement of ISI running its own foreign policy and its deep connections with terror groups.