24 Sep 17/Sunday

In an embarrassing incident, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was told by a hotel in the United Kingdom that it would not rent rooms to the airline’s crew anymore, as the female guests at the hotel felt insecure in the presence of PIA’s male crew.

According to a private TV channel report, the hotel management added that it had received multiple complaints of the airline’s male staff asking female guests at the hotel for their phone numbers. Therefore, the PIA’s male crew were officially barred from the hotel.

In May this year, the British authorities had seized a large amount of heroin from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-785 in an intelligence-based operation.

Similarly, in February, a Heathrow-bound PIA aircraft was intercepted and escorted by British warplanes to the Stansted airport in northeast London because of a ‘vague security threat’.

Later, a suspect was arrested and charged with fraud and misrepresentation by Metropolitan Police.