Geneva: India on Tuesday (Sep 19, 2017) slammed Pakistan for its attempt to rake up the Kashmir issue at the United Nations yet again, stating that Pakistan’s ‘malicious’ attempts to hide interference behind ‘facade of domestic discontent’ carries no credibility with the world. Mr. Seth delivered his response using the ‘right of reply’, after Pakistan, on behalf of the OIC, made its statement on Kashmir, reiterated that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inalienable part of India and will remain so.

Indian diplomat uncompromisingly said, “Pakistan’s unsolicited comments pertaining to the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir are factually incorrect and misleading.  It is high time for Pakistan to do deep introspection and focus energies on improving human rights situation and dismantling terror infrastructure in Pakistan and Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir,” India stated.

India slammed Pakistan for “resorting to short-sighted tactics of diverting attention instead of working with sense of purpose to address issues. Pakistan has been the face of international terrorism. PoK is run by a deep state and has become an epicentre of terrorism. Concrete evidence of cross-border support for terrorist attacks in J&K has been handed over to Pakistan,” India stated.

India added that Pakistan must shut down its terrorist manufacturing units and bring the perpetrators of terrorism to justice. “Even Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has admitted that internationally banned outfits including LeT, JeM are operating from within Pakistan,” India added. India previously also rejected the attempts of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to raise the Kashmir issue at the United Nations, stating that it has no locus standi to comment on India’s internal affairs.

India said this was out of line. “Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has no locus standi on India’s internal affairs, we strongly advise the OIC to refrain from making such references in future,” said Sumit Seth, first secretary at the Permanent Mission of India to UN.

On behalf of the OIC, Pakistan had tried to raise the Kashmir issue and accused India of denying the “right of self-determination” to Kashmiris, which India “outrightly rejected.” On Tuesday too, India dismissed Pakistan’s attempts to raise the Kashmir issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), stating that the situation in Kashmir is a “direct result of sustained cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan.”

It may be noted that for the plebiscite to be conducted the Pakistani Army should first vacate all parts of Kashmir, After Pakistani Army vacates, Indian Army to vacate except that force required to defend itself during the process of plebiscite, during the process. After these conditions are met that to in the sequence laid down, Plebiscite is required to be conducted by India under UN supervision only. Plebiscite is being raked up by Pakistani journalists time and again without reading the UN General Assembly Resolution 47 of April 21, 1948. Despite various calls, Pakistan did not carry out the obligation of withdrawing its forces from Kashmir. Unless Pakistan withdraws India is not bound by any international forum to conduct Plebiscite. The separatist leaders of Kashmir also keep lamenting on the so called Plebiscite without actually reading or knowing the pre conditions of the same.

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