12 Sep 2017/Tuesday

Pakistan government ordered the shut down it’s of largest circulated Urdu daily of Rawlakot in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) Daily Mujadala for showing it the mirror on illegal occupation. The newspaper had conducted a poll asking people if they wanted to continue living under the under the forced occupation of Pakistan. Over 73% of the respondents said that they want independence from the illegal occupation of Pakistan. The decision appears to have triggered an uproar among extremist radical forces, Pakistan Army, and local administration as they have now shut it down.

Republic TV’s Aditya Raj Kaul spoke to Haris Qadeer, Chief Editor of Daily Mujadala. On being questioned about what people said about ‘Azadi’, the journalist said,  “we had two questions: one question was about the position of Kashmir in 1948 if people want it restored. Maximum people agreed. 73% said we are Kashmiris and would want independence from Pakistan.” He added that “they took action against me. Initially, they sent me notices and tried to scare me. I did not honour the notices. The district magistrate and Kashmir council then sent notices to take action against me. Offices have been sealed.”

The opinion in the PoK Survey conducted by Urdu daily was collected through 10,000 survey forms over 5-years, through field work. The respondents were merely asked to rate PoK administration and determine if they want independence from Pakistan. Furthermore, the same survey was distributed evenly across PoK.