11 Sep 2017/Monday

Calls War in Afghanistan a ‘Collective Failure’.   

Reacting to the speech of President Trump, where he exhorted Pakistan to do its bit, a top Pak Army General has called the expanding war in Afghan ‘Collective Failure’ as he insists that there is no military or outside solution for the violence. Speaking during a gathering in UK, Pakistan’s Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) Gen Zubair Mahmood Hayat, said Afghan’s problems lie within Afghan and there is no military solution to the problems of Afghan as outside formulas are unlikely to yield any positive results. Amid rising pressures to eliminate the sanctuaries of the Afghan militants in its soil, Gen Hayat said “you cannot blame a country, an individual or a country and an institution for the failures that are collective.” We have cleared our area and we are in the process of building 900 posts alongside Afghan-Pak border, we are in the process of building a fence between Afghan-Pak border, we are constructing gates where there will be no entry without documents and identity will be proven either way. These steps are being taken so that no bad crossing takes place and we want others to partner with us on these accounts”.

While Pakistan has been crying hoarse on its role and sacrifices in Anti Terror operations done by Pakistan Army, no one in the world seems to believe their contribution basically because of their complicity with terror links. Any terrorist activity taking place in the world has links to Pakistan or terrorist based in Pakistan. India has long been telling the world about Pak’s duplicity in harbouring terrorists but it is only now the countries have accepted India’s plea and forced Pakistan to amend its ways. To get over the feeling of humiliation and adverse propaganda, Pakistan Government has asked all its ambassadors to keep projecting the contribution and sacrifices made by Pak Army in anti terror operations.