‘PTV News’ on 04 Sep 17 has reported that Pakistan has condemned the reported nuclear test by the North Korea. In a statement in Islamabad on 04 Sep 17, Pak Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan has consistently maintained that North Korea should comply with the United Nations Security Council resolutions. He also said Pakistan urges all sides to display utmost restraint and return towards the path of peaceful negotiated settlement of the issue.

It is no secret that father of Pak Nuclear bomb Dr AQ Khan had clandestinely transferred Nuclear technology to North Korea in exchange of missile designs. Ex Pak President General Musharraf had openly admitted this fact number of times in past. The transfer of Nuclear Technology by Pakistan to North Korea had drawn severe criticism and the shame to Nation. Dr AQ Khan has since been languishing in house arrest after being promised by the Pak Government to own up the responsibility to save Pakistan from International condemnation. Dr AQ Khan was promised that legal immunity will be provided to him in exchange of his admission.

Now ironically, the same Pakistan has condemned the nuclear test by North Korea.   

05 Sep 2017/Tuesday