In a sensational disclosure by “Daily Pakistan” it has been claimed that Pak Social Media is abuzz with a video by a sepoy of Pakistan Army, which claims that Pak Army killed its own bleeding children to garner national sympathy, in Army Public School Peshawar in 2014. The sensational disclosure also includes a confessional video by a former Pak Army official, now a member of Jamaat ul Ahrar, who can be seen claiming that he was involved in killing children, at the behest of his superiors.
Mudassir Iqbal, claiming to be a former Army official in a short video claimed that Moulana Fazal Ullah was conveyed a message to launch an attack on APS Peshawar. Iqbal, in his short video, alleged, without any proof that the attack was planned to barter detained soldiers of Pak Army with militant groups.
He went on and claimed that the Pak Army had caught control of APS Peshawar within few hours but on the orders of superiors, the children were killed to show the negative side of Taliban. The sepoy alleged that a Major Jawad ordered his subordinates including him to kill the injured children.


Even if the contents of above Video are not true, it is difficult to believe that such Campaign was allowed to be run on Social Media by Pak Army, which is very sensitive to any sort of criticism. How a sepoy level officer could make such huge claims, along with JuA that is releasing information about recent attacks co-joined with US President Donald Trump’s Afghan policy.
However, it is also true that Pak Army can stoop down to any level to prove a point. In the instant case the complicity of Pak Army cannot be ruled out.