Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited forward troops deployed at Line of Control (LoC). He was apprised of the recent abnormally frequent ceasefire violations from the Indian side and effective response by Pakistani troops. The Army Chief was told that the only restraint faced by own troops is the professional ethos of Pakistan Army which bars them from responding in kind when Indian troops target innocent civilians along LoC. Speaking on the occasion, General Bajwa said that the Indian Army’s atrocities have not been able to deter the spirit and sacrifices of the brave Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. He said we will always stand with them in their just struggle for right to self-determination.


 Pak COAS talking about his army’s ‘professional ethos’ and his concern for Kashmiri’s is totally inept, shameful and laughable. It appears that the General doesn’t believe in practicing what he preaches or is probably aloof of the happenings in his own country, as the brutalities committed by his own Army on Baluch’s has crossed all thresholds and resulted in Pak getting reprimanded by the international community.

Pak Army says that Pak supports Kashmiri’s because they want to protect them from a tyrannical rule and give them their right to life. But what about the “right to life” of the Baluchs? What about the forced disappearances in Baluchistan? Authorities in Pak are hell bent on throttling all the voices against violation of human rights and most of them are silenced. Rape, mass murder, and genocide are common issues there. People go missing in huge numbers and then disfigured mutilated dead bodies appear. Similar barbaric and inhuman activities of beheading and mutilation are carried out regularly by Pak army at LoC. It is high time Pak Army stops’ resorting to cheap tactics and COAS refrains from putting his foot in his mouth less he becomes a laughing stock.