Finally the flag war at the Attari-Wagah border that began in March came to an end on Sunday night with Pakistan hoisting the tallest flag on its Independence Day. The Pakistan Flag was hoisted by Pak COAS Gen Bajwa in a mid-night ceremony on the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

It began in March when the Amritsar Improvement Trust hoisted a 360-foot-tall Tricolour.

The Indian flag 120 feet in length, 80 feet in breadth and is hoisted on a 360-foot-tall pole. Pak flag is reported to be the tallest in south Asia and the 8th highest in the world. It is 400-feet high and 120 feet by 80 feet in size.


At the time, when India hoisted the flag on its side of the border in Wagah, Pakistan raised strong objections to Indian initiative and claimed that the mast will be used as a spying platform deep into Pakistan territory. It seems to do the same after aping India on the issue.

Pakistan Army is over obsessed and in awe of anything that happens in India. By copying India, it wishes to send a message to Pak gullible citizens that it is a formidable challenge to Indian Army. After having lost all the wars and losing half of Pakistan in 1971, it feels that it can brainwash the population of Pakistan to forget the past as was evident with chest thumping speech of the Pak COAS Gen Bajwa.

“I assure you that we will never let you down. Any power that will aim to weaken Pakistan, the Army and all other institutions will foil their attempts.”

Irony is that it has always been the Army which has let down Pakistan whether in wars or ruling the country.