Pak army recently launched Op Khyber IV to carry out counter terrorist operations in the Khyber Agency. These operations are being carried out against the terrorists who were nurtured and trained by Pak army to operate in Afghanistan. Some of these terrorists turned hostile to Pak, owing to its dubious relations with US. Now in garb of recently declared operations under National Action Plan, Pak has been selectively targeting only those groups which are against Pakistan. This has spoiled the relations between US and Pak. US has linked release of aid to Pakistan to its action against terrorist organizations inimical to US interest. Pakistan wants the US support in order to shield and counter Human Rights Violations Record from adverse world opinion.
When Op Radd-ul-Fasaad was launched in Feb 2017, with-in 24 hours, Pak army claimed that it has neutralized more than hundred terrorists. There were no substantial proofs provided for the same. It is only possible if Army was hand in glove with terrorists, or Pak army killed Afghans and declared them as terrorists.
Pak army is notorious of using Air Force, Artillery and Heavy Caliber Weapons against own population in garb of counter terrorist operations, be it Op Zerb-e-Azb, Op Radd-ul-Fasaad or Op Khyber. The Op Khyber-IV being conducted by Pak army is also a case in point, where Pak armed forces used Air Force & Artillery in the tribal areas of Khyber agency. There are several villages in these tribal areas which are claimed by both Pak and Afghanistan. The operations against these villages, facilitate Pak to take control of these tribal areas, where it is building fence on the Afghan-Pak border to legitimize Durand Line. It also helps Pak to portray itself as victim of terrorism and showcase their war on terror. The real victim of these operations are the civil population on ground exposed to the heavy caliber weapons of Pak army and many amongst dead are being declared terrorists.