On 10 Aug 17,  Director General, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor proudfully claimed that Operation Khyber 4 in Rajgal valley was progressing successfully and around 95% physical objectives had been achieved. “This was one of the most difficult operations because the terrain was like that. But this has been a very good operation. We utilized all our technical means, while minimum causalities took place,” he told a private TV channel. He said the Operation Khyber 4 was launched at around 12000-14000 feet altitude. The army could reach there for operation, but ensuring supply chain, including ammunition and ration, for it at such a height was not easy.


Pakistan Army keeps declaring codenames for series of operations supposedly aimed against terrorists. Raheel Sharif Coined Operation Zarb-e- Azb and claimed it as a huge success on the eve of his departure. His successor Bajwa started Radd-ul-Fasad. He also claimed it to be a huge success. Suddenly we find no one talking of Operation Radd-ul-Fasad and DGISPR declares another operation called Khyber IV. They also claim 95% success.

Pakistan Army has now become an expert in projecting its image of protector of Pakistan and remain relevant by inventing and re-inventing operations to justify its existence. These operations besides serving the hidden agenda of Pak Army also help them to remain in actual power by eliminating/intimidating political opponents.