A high level US delegation headed by Ambassador Alice Wells, acting US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia and Central Asia and special Representative for Afghan and Pak is in the region at present to discuss with the respective authorities in each of these countries including India the contours of the US Afghan policy currently in the making. The ostensible main purpose of the visit to Pak is to get Pak’s perspective on Afghan and larger issues in South Asia. But the opportunity is likely to be used by Ms. Wells to read the riot act to Pak military high command and issue perhaps the last warning to Pak to ‘stop playing the double game’. According to the details of the proposed suggestion the administration has been asked to provide military assistance only to Afghan army and police units that are free from corruption and human rights violations. An approach, the proposal believes would probably result in a dramatic reduction of the 6,400 US trainers currently in the country. It is also being suggested to increase US aid and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan’s peaceful areas, while abandoning development efforts in areas that are too dangerous to do such work properly.