Asma Jahangir a renowned Human Rights Activist of Pakistan criticises judges for never ruling against military or land mafia

 “If the army gets itself involved in politics, fingers will be raised. We will continue to stand against their weapons with pens in our hands and we will not stop raising our voice for the rights of people,” she stressed.

   Recalling that the defence budget could not be discussed in parliament, Ms Jahangir noted that the armed forces should stop taking taxpayer money if they were unwilling to disclose this information.

   Talking about the recently announced judgement that disqualified Nawaz Sharif, she called for the right of appeal to be given in cases of fundamental rights i.e. those heard under Article 184(3) of the Constitution.

   “Whenever the Supreme Court takes suo motu notice and announces a decision, the aggrieved party loses the chance to appeal and can only file a review application. Parliament should amend the law to give the right of appeal,” she suggested.

   She said that the judiciary gave decisions against politicians, but it had never shown the courage to deliver a verdict against the military.


   Army in Pakistan has always been out of the purview of any scrutiny. In fact it has very shrewdly projected itself the saviour of Pakistan in front of its country men. The world now has stopped looking at Pakistani Army as an institution in Pakistan and as a result it finds it extremely duifficult to come to power by  staging a coup like before. Army will always have an upper hand as the polity of Pakistan is completely devided on ideologies and sectarian issues.