WASHINGTON: At a weekend seminar on Afghanistan at the Aspen Institute, California, America’s most prestigious forum on security issues, Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan’s ambassador in Washington, urged the international community to stop supporting Pakistan.

     “Pakistan is moving toward becoming a state that supports terrorism as an element of foreign policy, to a state that believes in terrorism,” he claimed.

     He alleged that the new cadre of officers in the Pakistani military believed in terrorism as an ideology and as those officers rose through the ranks, they would create more problems for the world.

   Rejecting a claim made by the Afghan ambassador, Robin Raphel, former assistant secretary of state for South Asia says that the new generation of Pakistani military officers is more sensitive to terrorism than its predecessors. Ms Raphel, a former assistant secretary of state for South Asia, has had a long association with Pakistan. She retired from the State Department in 2005 after 30 years of service, but returned in 2009 as a senior adviser on Pakistan under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Until Nov 2, 2014, she served as coordinator for non-military assistance to Pakistan.

    Ms Raphel, who is an old friend of Pakistan has a questionable past and had to face an FBI inquiry last year because of her alleged links with Islamabad, also disagreed with Mr Mohib’s claim that “terrorism and Pakistan are equated”.

     She said Pakistan was one of the numerous countries that have a “proxy” in Afghanistan. It was likely to keep that proxy as long as uncertainty existed on the outcome of the conflict, she added. In other words, she supported the use of terrorism as a tool of state craft, as practised by Pakistan.