No Supreme Court judge is Sadiq and Amin, no general is Sadiq and Amin, and no politician is Sadiq and Amin

Javed Hashmi a political stalwart and former Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)  & PML-N leader, questioned accountability for judges and the military at an unexpected press conference in Multan on Wednesday.

    Hashmi believes the Panama Papers probe appears to be a ploy which seeks to oust Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from power, rather than a way to hold him accountable.

   "I believe that Nawaz Sharif should be held accountable. I am the first person to say that accountability should exist. But why just Nawaz Sharif?" asks Hashmi.

"Has any judge been punished? Why are judges not caught for their wrongdoings? What about Army?" he asked. "Is this justice?"

'Lack of accountability for Army'

  Although politicians are constantly held accountable, Hashmi noted, the same does not apply to the military.

  Calling out the army's "lack of accountability", he questioned, "Where is Raheel Sharif? The entire country is affected when he moves his finger." he said.

   "We can't speak about Pervez Musharraf. Can anyone punish him?" he questioned, referring to a pending treason case against the former military ruler.

  "The situation is such that if the generals say that this rock is not a rock but a god, the judges and politicians will fall in sajda towards the rock," he claimed.

Hashmi questions JIT probe

   "The joint investigation team (JIT) is being fed lines and actions, Judges have no independence " he alleged.

"A Supreme Judicial Council exists but can anything happen against the judges?... Has anyone been punished? What is its [SJC's] standing? Why does it not catch the judges?" he questioned.

   "The Supreme Court has made many mistakes in this country's history. When the Constitution was broken, the judges did nothing," he said.

  Articles 62 and 63, the Sadiq and Amin clauses, were introduced to the Constitution by former military dictator Gen Ziaul Haq, Hashmi said, "to push opponents out".

  "I think nobody can be Sadiq and Amin other than the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)...No Supreme Court judge is Sadiq and Amin, no general is Sadiq and Amin, and no politician is Sadiq and Amin."

  "I am saying that the bench, these judges should not hear this case [Panamagate]. They do not have the right," he asserted.

'JIT an attempt to disrupt progress on CPEC'

 "Today, while maintaining all due respect for the court, I would like to ask if this investigation was held to fight corruption and get rid of Nawaz Sharif or to destabilize the country and disrupt progress on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?"

‘Foreign Agenda’

 "If this is an foreign agenda it is our job to educate the people about it, even if we may not be able to stop the agenda and stand in its way, just like it was in the past. And if we are wrong, they should explain the real situation to us. We are people that understand basic logic."

‘View Point’

 There is a constant effort to on part of Pak Army and Judiciary in collusion with each other to put Nawaz Sharif Government out of power. Imran Khan is the sole political beneficiary of this Game Plan and as such completes the triad against Nawaz Sharif. However, for whatever wrong doings of Nawaz Sharif, Political instability in Pakistan is not in favour of India at current juncture.