Third-gen Chinese Nuclear Technology Arrives in Karachi

Two Chinese Hualong Nuclear reactors are being installed in Karachi by China.  Boasting the Chinese nuclear industry’s flagship technology, the construction model complements the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) vision for countries participating in the project. The project is costing US$10 billion and will be completed within a decade. The innovative design employed in these plants is the company’s first 1,100-megawatt reactor overseas.

View Point

 Developed by China National Nuclear Power, a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Hualong Ones are indigenously designed third-generation reactors with the advanced technology and improvements of the second-gen. There are 14 such reactors under const, of which two are being installed at Karachi while the rest will be used in China.These reactors are believed to have dual purpose role both in peace and war.