Pentagon goes after Pak’s Good Terrorist

Last year, the Pentagon decided not to pay Pakistan $300 million in Coalition Support Funds (CSF), funding after then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter declined to sign certificate that Pakistan was taking adequate action against the Haqqani network. To keep the pressure on, the Trump administration is also mulling some minimum assistance to Pakistan, U.S. officials said. Pakistan has received more than $33 billion in U.S. assistance since 2002, including more than $14 billion in so-called Coalition Support Funds (CSF), a U.S. Defense Department program to reimburse allies that have incurred costs in supporting counter-insurgency operations.
Another option under review is broadening a drone campaign to penetrate deeper into Pakistan to target Haqqani fighters and other militants blamed for attacks in Afghanistan, U.S. officials and a Pakistan expert said.
A prominent Pakistan expert, who declined to be identified, said " the Americans feel that since, you aren't taking out our enemies, so we are taking them out ourselves, like Osama Bin Laden".
Earlier, Pakistan's COAS was very critical of drone strikes and called the step as "counterproductive and against (the) spirit of ongoing cooperation and intelligence sharing being diligently undertaken by Pakistan".

It is an important form of foreign currency for the nuclear-armed Pak. US aid cuts could cede even more influence to China, which already has committed nearly $60 billion in investments in Pakistan.