President of POK shown the mirror by own country man.

The CM of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has challenged the CM of Punjab to dare enter his province, as a result of some fight earlier between the two. If he does, he will be taken captive.
Pakistan has employed a Chinese company to collect garbage & dispose it in Karachi. Similarly, the same federal govt has employed a Turkish company to collect garbage & dispose it in Lahore. The work of the local govt body is given to foreign companies - is Pakistan so rich? Or it is arm twisting by these 2 All Weather Friends.
Living quarters for 3000 Chinese workers are built in GWADER port. That means local Pakistanis will not be employed in GWADER port. Or is it because the Pakistan army does not want local Balochis to be employed.
No details of CPEC is known to anybody except the PM, FM, & Army Gen. Even cabinet ministers & CM ‘S of Suba are kept in the dark about CPEC. All others are groping in the dark.
Terrorists have penetrated in all walks of life in Pakistan. No dept can work if the terrorists does not give a green signal. A few months back arrest of Hafiz Saeed & MASOOD Azahar was stalled, as they threatened serious law & order situation in Pakistan. That is the reason why China vetoed his arrest. China doesn ’t want any trouble in Pakistan as it wants to complete CPEC in time, without any delay. This proves how powerful the terrorists have become in Pakistan. It is the terrorists that fully control Pakistan now. The precaution they have taken unlike ISIS is that they are not in the open, but working in the shadows.
Some big moneyed Punjabis have joined ISIS in Pakistan & enrolment of more members is progressing well enough. So it is a matter of time when Pakistan will go the Syria way.
Former diplomat Zafar Elahi has publicly said on a channel that after Libya & Syria, it is now the turn of Pakistan to break.